Earn Cash for Being Part of a Research Study

We are doing a research study to learn the best way to explain medical research to patients, and we would like to talk with you!
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Block Vision is now Superior Vision

Block Vision has changed its name to Superior Vision. Don’t worry, you still get the same great vision benefits the way you always have. You can visit Superior Vision online at superiorvision.com.
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Beautiful happy female doctor physician radiologist holding patient medical chart and pen standing in CT CAT Scan room at hospital, isolated.

Change your Primary Care Physician

Did you know that changing your primary care physician is as easy as filling out a form and submitting it?
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Request an ID card

Do you need a new ID card?

You may request a new ID card by downloading the PDF below and filling in your information. Or, you can call our Customer Service department toll-free at 1-800-654-9728 .
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