Consumer Advisory Board Members

Consumer Advisory Board
Seated, from left to right: Rhonda Sanders, May H. Shing, Mary Ashland, & Judy Harris
Standing, from left to right: Guillermina Perez, Bernard Stancil, Phillip Church, Amy Selig, Jermain Rockmore, Suzanne Peterson, and Nya Fulwood
Not in photo: Sherry Price, Tonya White, Wanda Jamison, Salma Jamil, Raja Muhammed, and Doreen Shing.

Working for better care

We care about our members and want to provide them with the best care, services, and resources possible. The Priority Partners Consumer Advisory Board was established to provide a time and place for Priority Partners members to share important ideas on how to improve the health care services that members receive.

The Priority Partners Advisory Board meets six times each year to discuss enrollment, benefits, outreach, health education, special needs programs, customer service, complaints and problems. The information from the board members is shared with each Priority Partners department to help expand and improve services.

If you wish to participate or would like more information, please contact our Special Needs Coordinator at 410-424-4965.