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Maryland County Map

County Name Telephone Specialty Services
(if specified)
Health Department 301-759-5000 N/A
Department Social Services 301-784-7000 N/A
Homeless Services Program for Women & Children 301-777-8286 N/A
WMHS Crisis Counselor 301-723-5274 N/A
Family Crisis Resource Center 301-759-9246 Domestic Violence
YMCA 301-724-5445 N/A
Union Rescue Mission 301-724-1585 N/A
Anne Arundel
Health Department 410-222-7095 N/A
Department Social Services 410-269-4500 N/A
Emergency Services 410-626-1900 Emergency Assistance
Food Services 410-923-4255 Food Bank
Homeless Services 410-269-4500 N/A
Harundale Presbyterian Church 410-766-4338 Pantry, Bag Lunches, Shelter
North County Emergency Outreach Network (NEON) 410-766-1826 Pantry, Bag Lunches, Shelter
Rock Steward Ministry 410-761-9272 Soup Kitchen
United Methodist Community Church 410-859-0990 Rent, BGE, Food
Heritage Church of God 410-551-8500 Shelter
St. Vincent de Paul Society 410-647-4884 Pantry, BGE, Evictions, Rx’s
Laurel Advocacy 301-776-0442 Rent, BGE, Food
Sarah’s House 410-551-7722 Shelter
Health Department 410-887-3740 N/A
Department Social Service 410- 853-3000 N/A
Emergency Services 410-931-2214 N/A
Homeless Services 410-853-3000 N/A
Assistance of Towson Churches 410-296-4855 Emergency Housing , Food, Evictions
Community Assistance Network 410-285-4674 Transportation, Eviction, ect.
Family & Children’s Services 410-281-1334 Domestic Violence
Baltimore City
Call 311 for additional resource assistance
Health Department 410-396-4398 Information Line
Department Social Services 443-423-6400 Information Line
Food Services 410-547-5377 St. Vincent de Paul
Food Services 211 For Nearest Location
Homeless Services 443-423-6300 N/A
House of Ruth 410-889-9347 Domestic Violence
House of Ruth 410-889-7884 24-hour Hotline
Karis Home 410-342-1323 Emergency Shelter
Love Center for Women & Children 410-889-1620 Emergency Shelter, Legal Assistance, etc.
Weinberg Housing and Resource Center 443-4783777 **Code Blue Shelter**/Drop In Center/90 Day Housing Program
Health Department 410-535-5400 N/A
Homeless Services 443-550-6900 N/A
Crisis Intervention 410-535-1121 Domestic Violence
Safe Harbor 410-257-7225 N/A
Catholic Charities 410-535-0309 N/A
Southern Md. Tri-County Community Action 301-274-4474 Energy assistance, food, etc.
Health Department 410-479-8030 N/A
Department Social Service 410-819-4500 N/A
Homeless Services (410) 479-5900 N/A
Food Services 410-767-7015 N/A
St Martin’s Barn 410-634-1140 Emergency food
Caroline County Family Support Center 410-479-3298 Helps low income families with children under 3
Channel Marker – Caroline County 410-479-2318 Help w/mental and developmental adults
Mid-Shore Council Family Violence 410-479-1149 Domestic violence, Emergency shelter ect.
St Martin’s House 410-634-2537 Emergency Housing
Health Department 410-857-5000 N/A
Department Social Service 410-386-3300 N/A
Carroll Cty Food Sunday 410-857-9707 Food Bank
Health Department 410-996-5550 N/A
Department Social Services 410-996-0404 N/A
Health Department 301-609-6901 N/A
Department Social Service 301-392-6400 N/A
Southern Md. Tri-County Community Action 301-274-4474 Energy assistance, food, ect.
Health Department 410-228-3223 N/A
Department Social Service 410-901-4100 Energy assistance
Food Services 410-228-2442 Share Food Program
Lutheran Mission Shop 410-228-8437 Emergency Food
Delmarva Family Resource 410-228-3929 Mental Health
Life Crisis Center 1-800-422-0009 N/A
Health Department 301-600-1029 N/A
Department Social Services 301-600-4555 N/A
Citizens Services Division 301-334-9431 N/A
Dental Clinic 301-600-1041 N/A
Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Resources 301-600-2670 Emergency Housing, Homelessness
Frederick Community Action Agency 301-600-1506 General Info/Assistance
Heartly House (DV Hotline) 1-800-799-7233 N/A
Health Department 301-334-7770 N/A
Department Social Service 301-334-1911 N/A
The Dove Center 301-334-9000 Domestic Violence
Western Md Food Bank 301-722-2797 Food Bank
House of Hope 301-334-2357 Food Bank
Calvary Tabernacle 301-616-6332 Food Bank
Garrett County Food Resource 301-334-9431 Food Bank
Hospice 301-334-5151 N/A
Family Crisis 301-334-9000 (24-7 Hotline) Family Support
Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Community Action Committee 301-334-9431 Family Support
CAC’s Housing 301-334-9431 Homeless Shelter
The Dove Center 301-334-6255 Homeless Shelter
Salvation Army 301-777-7600 Homeless Shelter
Union Rescue Mission 301-724-1585 Homeless Shelter
Women & Children Shelter 301-759-9246 Domestic Violence
Health Department 410-638-8410 N/A
Department Social Service 410-836-4949 N/A
Department of Community Services 410-399-9850 Food bank
Health Department 410-313-6300 N/A
Department Social Service 410-872-8700 N/A
Community Action Council 410-313-6440 Food Bank
Health Department 410-778-1350 N/A
Department Social Service 410-810-7600 N/A
Food Services 410-810-7654 DSS- Food Bank
Kent Family Center 410-778-7911 Helps low income families with children under 3
Department of Health and Human Services 301-261-4850 or 311 General Information
Department Social Services 301-217-3500 N/A
Manna Food Center 301-424 -1130 Food Services
24-hour Crisis Services 240-777-4000 Abuse/Violence, Homelessness, Financial and Substance Abuse Services
Family Discovery Center 301-585-3424 ESOL, GEG and Parenting Classes
Adult Mental Health 240-777-1770 Outpatient Mental Health Program
Child Protective Services 240-777-4417 N/A
Abused Persons Hotline 240-777-4673 Domestic Violence
Shelter Services 240-777-4448 Emergency Shelter, Transitional and Supportive Housing
Emergency Eviction Prevention 240-777-3075 Financial Assistance
DHHS Dental Health Program 240-777-1875 Services for Adults and Seniors, Low Income
Care for Kids 301-628-3438 Medical Care for Uninsured Children
Mobile Med 301-493-2400 Provides Medical Care
Child Welfare Services 240-777-4417 N/A
Prince George’s
Department Social Services 301-909-6300 N/A
Shelter Hotline 1-888-731-0999 Emergency Shelter
Queen Anne’s
Health Department 410-758-0720 N/A
Department Social Services 410-758-8000 N/A
Family Support Center 410-827-4629 Help low income families,children under 3
Queen Anne’s County Housing & Community Service 410-758-3977 N/A
Emergency Cold Weather Shelter 410-739-7859 Emergency Shelter
Mid Shore Council Domestic Violence 410-479-1149 Domestic violence, Emergency shelter etc.
Saint Mary’s
Health Department 301-475-4330 N/A
Department Social Service 240-895-7001 N/A
Southern Md. Tri-County Community Action 301-274-4474 Energy assistance, food, etc.
Health Department 443-523-1700 N/A
Department Social Service 410-677-4200 N/A
Maryland Food Bank 410-742-0050 Salisbury Division
Maryland Job Service 410-677-4261 N/A
Shore Up 410-749-1142 Fuel assistance, weatherization assistance
Somerset Shore Transit 443-260-2300 Commuter/Medical Transport
Life Crisis Center 410-749-0632 Emergency services
Health Department 410-819-5600 N/A
Department Social Services 410-770-4848 N/A
Neighborhood Service Center 410—822-5015 Food bank, transportation, rent assistance, and energy assistance.
Talbot Family Support Center 410-820-6940 Helps low income families with children under 3
Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence 410-479-3363 Domestic Violence
Channel Marker – Talbot County 410-822-4611 Helps adults w/ mental and developmental problems
Choices Pregnancy Help & Resource Center 410-822-3311 Help for Pregnant women
Health Department 240-313-3200 N/A
Department Social Services 240-420-2100 N/A
Food Bank 301-733-4002 N/A
Domestic Violence 301-739-4990 N/A
Hospice 301-791-6360 N/A
Children in Need 301-671-2014 N/A
Family Center 301-790-4002 N/A
City Housing Family Services 301-733-6911 N/A
REACH Caregivers 301-733-2371 Homeless Shelter
C.A.C.’s Family Shelter 301-797-4161 Homeless Shelter
St. John’s Family Shelter 301-790-2510 Homeless Shelter
Salvation Army 301-733-2440 Homeless Shelter
Salvation Army 301-739-7637
Women & Children only
Homeless Shelter
The Union Rescue Mission 301-739-1165 Homeless Shelter
Health Department 410-749-1244 N/A
Department Social Services 410-713-3900 N/A
Food Services 410-742-0050 Md. Food Bank Salisbury
Joseph House 410-543-1645 Food pantry
Shore Transit 443-260-2300 N/A
Housing 410-543-4626 Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Service
Christian Shelter 410-749-5673 Salisbury
One Stop Job Market 410-341-3180 Salisbury
Unemployment 410-334-6800 N/A
Village of Hope 410-749-6776 Transitional housing, medical, etc.
Shore Up 410-749-1142 Energy assistance, training programs, ect.
Life Crisis Center 410-749-4357 N/A
Health Department 410-632-1100 N/A
Department Social Services 410-677-6800 N/A
Diakonia 410-213-0923 Shelter Ocean City
Christian Shelter 410-749-5673 N/A
Delmarva Rural Ministries, Inc. 410-546-4720 Housing
Shore Transit 443-260-2300 N/A
Shore Up 410-749-1142 Energy Assistance, etc.
Life Crisis Center 410-749-0632 Emergency services
Salvation Army 410-749-3077 Good Neighbor Energy Fund

* For more resources the Maryland Community Services Locator can help, Click Here .This site will help you locate specific resources in your direct area.