Maryland County Map

Garrett Allegany Washington Frederick Carroll Baltimore Baltimore City Harford Cecil Kent Queen Annes Caroline Talbot Dorchester Wicomico Worcester Somerset Howard Montgomery Anne Arundel Prince George Calvert Charles St. Marys
County Name Telephone Specialty Services
(if specified)
Health Department 301-759-5000 N/A
Department Social Services 301-784-7000 N/A
Homeless Services Program for Women & Children 301-777-8286 N/A
WMHS Crisis Counselor 240-964-1399 N/A
Family Crisis Resource Center 301-759-9246 Domestic Violence, 24 hour hotline
YMCA 301-724-5445 Family Housing Shelter, Men & Women Shelter
Union Rescue Mission 301-724-1585 Homeless Shelter/Food
Anne Arundel
Health Department 410-222-7095 N/A
Department Social Services 410-269-4500 N/A
Emergency Services 311 or 410-222-7000 Emergency Assistance
Food Services 410-923-4255 Food Bank
Homeless Services 410-768-5522 Resources for shelters
Harundale Presbyterian Church 410-766-4338 Pantry, Bag Lunches, Shelter
North County Emergency Outreach Network (NEON) 410-766-1826 Pantry, Bag Lunches, Shelter
(M, W, F: 10am – 2pm)
Heritage Community Church 410-551-8500 Food
St. Vincent de Paul Society 443-261-0109 Pantry, BGE, Evictions, Rx’s
Laurel Advocacy 301-776-0442 Rent, BGE, Food
(M: 9am – 2pm & 5pm – 7pm)
(W, F: 9am -2pm)
Sarah’s House 410-551-7722 Shelter
Health & Human Services Resources 211 Food, Housing, Utility assistance, Legal
24 hours 7 days a week
Health Department 410-887-2243 N/A
Department Social Service 410- 853-3000 N/A
Emergency Services 410-931-2214 N/A
Homeless Services 410-853-3000 N/A
Assistance of Towson Churches 410-296-4855 Emergency Housing , Food, Evictions
Community Assistance Network 410-285-4674 Transportation, Eviction, ect.
Family & Children’s Services 410-281-1334 Domestic Violence
Baltimore City
Call 311 for additional resource assistance
Health Department 410-396-4398 Information Line
Department Social Services 443-423-6400 800-332-6347 Information Line
Food Services 410-547-5377 St. Vincent de Paul
Food Services 211 For Nearest Location
Homeless Services 211 N/A
House of Ruth 410-889-0840 Domestic Violence
House of Ruth 410-889-7884 24-hour Hotline
Karis Home 410-342-1323 Emergency Shelter
Weinberg Housing and Resource Center 443-4783777 **Code Blue Shelter**/Drop In Center/90 Day Housing Program
Health Department 410-535-5400 N/A
Homeless Services 443-550-6900 N/A
Crisis Intervention 410-535-1121 Domestic Violence
Safe Harbor 410-257-7225 N/A
Catholic Charities 410-535-0309 N/A
Southern Md. Tri-County Community Action 301-274-4474 Energy assistance, food, etc.
Health Department 410-479-8030 N/A
Department Social Service 410-819-4500 N/A
Homeless Services (410) 479-5900 N/A
Food Services 410-767-7015 N/A
St Martin’s Barn 410-634-1140 Emergency food
Caroline County Family Support Center 410-479-3298 Helps low income families with children under 3
Channel Marker – Caroline County 410-479-2318 Help w/mental and developmental adults
Mid-Shore Council Family Violence 410-479-1149 Domestic violence, Emergency shelter ect.
St Martin’s House 410-634-2537 Emergency Housing
Health Department 410-876-2152 N/A
Department Social Service 410-386-3300 N/A
Carroll County Food Sunday 410-857-7926 Food Bank
Health Department 410-996-5550 N/A
Department Social Services 410-996-0404 N/A
Health Department 301-609-6901 N/A
Department Social Service 301-392-6400 N/A
Southern Md. Tri-County Community Action 301-274-4474 Energy & housing assistance
Health Department 410-228-3223 N/A
Department Social Service 410-901-4100 Energy assistance
Food Services 410-228-2442 Share Food Program
Lutheran Mission Shop 410-228-8437 Emergency Food
Delmarva Family Resource 410-228-3929 Mental Health
Life Crisis Center 1-800-422-0009 N/A
Health Department 301-600-1029 Health Services
Department Social Services 301-600-4555 Food Supplement, TCA & Medical Assistance
Citizens Services Division 301-334-9431 N/A
Dental Clinic 301-600-1041 N/A
Religious Coalition for Emergency Human Resources 301-631-2670 Emergency Housing, Homelessness
Frederick Community Action Agency 301-600-1506 General Info/Assistance
Heartly House (DV Hotline) 1-800-799-7233 N/A
Family Partnership 301-600-2206 Educational & Career Development Programs
Health Department 301-334-7770 N/A
Department Social Service 301-334-1911 N/A
The Dove Center 301-334-6255 Domestic Violence
Western Md Food Bank 301-722-2797 Food Bank
House of Hope 301-334-2357 Food Bank
Calvary Tabernacle 301-616-6332 Food Bank
Garrett County Food Resource 301-334-9431 Food Bank
Hospice 301-334-5151 N/A
Family Crisis 301-334-9000 (24-7 Hotline) Family Support
Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Community Action Committee 301-334-9431 Family Support
CAC’s Housing 301-334-9431 Homeless Shelter
The Dove Center 301-334-6255 Homeless Shelter
Salvation Army 301-777-7600 Homeless Advocacy Services
Union Rescue Mission 301-724-1585 Homeless Shelter
Women & Children Shelter 301-759-9246 Domestic Violence
Health Department 410-838-1500 N/A
Department Social Service 410-836-4700 N/A
Department of Community Services 410-612-9909 Food bank
Health Department 410-313-6300 N/A
Department Social Service 410-872-8700 Food Supplement, TCA & Medical Assistance
Community Action Council 410-313-6440 Food Bank
Health Department 410-778-1350 N/A
Department Social Service 410-810-7600 N/A
Food Services 410-810-7654 DSS- Food Bank
Kent Family Center 410-778-7911 Helps low income families with children under 3
Department of Health and Human Services 301-261-4850 or 311 General Information
Department Social Services 301-217-3500 N/A
Manna Food Center 301-424 -1130 Food Services
24-hour Crisis Services 240-777-4000 Abuse/Violence, Homelessness, Financial and Substance Abuse Services
Family Discovery Center 301-424-2989 ESOL, GEG and Parenting Classes
Adult Mental Health 240-777-1770 Outpatient Mental Health Program
Child Protective Services 240-777-4417 N/A
Abused Persons Hotline 240-777-4673 Domestic Violence
Shelter Services 240-777-4448 Emergency Shelter, Transitional and Supportive Housing
Emergency Eviction Prevention 240-777-3075 Financial Assistance
DHHS Dental Health Program 240-777-1875 Services for Adults and Seniors, Low Income
Care for Kids 301-628-3438 Medical Care for Uninsured Children
Mobile Med 301-493-2400 Provides medical care for uninsured
Child Welfare Services 240-777-4417 N/A
Prince George’s
Department Social Services 301-209-5000 N/A
Shelter Hotline 1-888-731-0999 Emergency Shelter
Health & Human Services Resources 211 Food, Housing, Utility assistance, Legal
24 hours 7 days a week
Queen Anne’s
Health Department 410-758-0720 N/A
Department Social Services 410-758-8000 N/A
Family Support Center 410-827-4629 Help low income families,children under 3
Queen Anne’s County Housing & Community Service 410-758-3977 N/A
Emergency Cold Weather Shelter 410-739-7859 Emergency Shelter
Mid Shore Council Domestic Violence 410-479-1149 Domestic violence, Emergency shelter etc.
Saint Mary’s
Health Department 301-475-4330 N/A
Department Social Service 240-895-7001 N/A
Southern Md. Tri-County Community Action 301-274-4474 Energy and housing assistance
Health Department 443-523-1700 N/A
Department Social Service 410-677-4200 N/A
Maryland Food Bank 410-742-0050 Salisbury Division
Maryland Job Service 410-677-4261 N/A
Shore Up 410-749-1142 Fuel assistance, weatherization assistance
Somerset Shore Transit 443-260-2300 Commuter/Medical Transport
Life Crisis Center 410-749-0632 Emergency services
Health Department 410-819-5600 N/A
Department Social Services 410-770-4848 N/A
Neighborhood Service Center 410—822-5015 Food bank, transportation, rent assistance, and energy assistance.
Talbot Family Support Center 410-820-6940 Helps low income families with children under 3
Mid-Shore Council on Family Violence 410-479-3363 Domestic Violence
Channel Marker – Talbot County 410-822-4611 Helps adults w/ mental and developmental problems
Choices Pregnancy Help & Resource Center 410-822-3311 Help for Pregnant women
Health Department 240-313-3200 N/A
Department Social Services 240-420-2100 N/A
Food Bank 410-737-8282 N/A
Domestic Violence 301-739-4990 N/A
Hospice 301-791-6360 N/A
Children in Need 301-671-2014 N/A
Family Center 301-790-4002 N/A
City Housing Family Services 301-733-6911 N/A
REACH Caregivers 301-733-2371 Homeless Shelter
C.A.C.’s Family Shelter 301-797-4161 Homeless Shelter
St. John’s Family Shelter 301-790-2510 Homeless Shelter
Salvation Army 301-733-2440 Homeless Shelter
Salvation Army 301-739-7637
Women & Children only
Homeless Shelter
The Union Rescue Mission 301-739-1165 Homeless Shelter
Health Department 410-749-1244 N/A
Department Social Services 410-713-3900 N/A
Food Services 410-742-0050 Md. Food Bank Salisbury
Joseph House 410-543-1645 Food pantry
Shore Transit 443-260-2300 N/A
Housing 410-543-4626 Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Service
Christian Shelter 410-749-5673 Salisbury
One Stop Job Market 410-341-3180 Salisbury
Unemployment 410-334-6800 N/A
Village of Hope 410-749-6776 Transitional housing, medical, etc.
Shore Up 410-749-1142 Energy assistance, training programs, ect.
Life Crisis Center 410-749-4357 N/A
Health Department 410-632-1100 N/A
Department Social Services 410-677-6800 N/A
Diakonia 410-213-0923 Shelter Ocean City
Christian Shelter 410-749-5673 N/A
Delmarva Rural Ministries, Inc. 410-546-4720 Housing
Shore Transit 443-260-2300 N/A
Shore Up 410-749-1142 Energy Assistance, etc.
Life Crisis Center 410-749-0632 Emergency services
Salvation Army 410-749-3077 Good Neighbor Energy Fund

* Para obtener más recursos, el localizador de servicios comunitarios de Maryland puede ayudar. Este sitio lo ayudará a ubicar recursos específicos en su área directa.