$5,000 Scholarship Award Opportunity

Priority Partners is now accepting applications for the 2018 Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) Scholarship Program, which was established to help strengthen the public health care workforce. The program provides a $5,000 scholarship to an ACAP health plan enrollee or immediate family member who is seeking higher education and interested in pursuing a career in health care or social services.

To enter, download the application:

Answer these 3 essay questions (no more than 500 words for each question):

  1. How have you benefited from the medical care, services and/or supports that have been provided by Priority Partners? (This can be from medical care you may have received from your doctor, nurse, or other medical professional and/or any contact or experience you have had with Priority Partners.)
  2. How will your studies further your career in the health care and/or human/social services fields?
  3. Why are you a good candidate to receive this award?

Mail or email the application and essay answers to:

Priority Partners
Attn: Aimee Dietsch
6704 Curtis Court
Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Applications are due June 15 at 5:00 p.m. 

One scholarship of $5,000 will be awarded by ACAP for the 2018-19 college year. Priority Partners can enter one applicant from Priority Partners members for the contest. The winner will be announced in summer 2018. See the ACAP policies and procedures.


  1. NO IMPACT ON MEDICAID ELIGIBILITY. As ACAP’s scholarship pays tuition expenses directly to educational institutions and cannot be used for food or living expenses, this scholarship award will have no impact whatsoever on a winner’s eligibility. Federal regulations for MAGI calculations exempt scholarships at CFR § 435.603 (e)(2): “Scholarships, awards, or fellowship grants used for education purposes and not for living expenses are excluded from income.” Those who qualify for Medicaid through SSI are also subject to income criteria; the language pertaining to scholarships is explicit in CFR § 416.1124, (c)(3): “We do not count as unearned income…[a]ny portion of a grant, scholarship, fellowship, or gift used or set aside for paying tuition, fees, or other necessary educational expenses.”
  2. RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS. Scholarship funds must be used for tuition or educational expenses at an institution of higher learning. This may include books and lab fees, but excludes living expenses (e.g., rent, meal plans). ACAP disburses scholarship funds directly to the university, college or vocational school. As noted above, this approach negates the scholarship’s impact on a winner’s Medicaid eligibility.
  3. APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY. The eligibility rules state that “enrollees or an immediate family member” are eligible. ACAP will apply a common-sense definition to “immediate family” – in most cases, this will mean a spouse, child, parent, guardian or sibling. However, there may well be applicants with uncommon living arrangements. If this is the case, clarify the relationship within the application.
  4. HEALTH PLAN EMPLOYEES’ ELIGIBILITY FOR THE PROGRAM. The rules do not specifically exclude employees of ACAP-member health plans; however, all other eligibility criteria remain in force: they must be a current enrollee or an immediate family member of a current enrollee at an ACAP member health plan, and demonstrate an interest a career in health care or the social services.
  5. PAST NOMINEES MAY REAPPLY. So long as an applicant meets all the eligibility criteria, he or she may reapply more than once. The only applicants who are excluded from the contest while meeting all eligibility criteria are past winners of the award.