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Outreach in Allegheny

Priority Partners joined the Allegheny County Human Resources Development Commission (HRDC) on Sept. 30 for a community resources event to support the needs of people without housing. Community Health Advocate Lisa Moran was there for Priority Partners to connect with members and provide outreach and resource packets to attendees.

More than 50 people with housing challenges attended the event and were provided food, personal hygiene products and other single-use items — even free haircuts. The Allegheny County HDRC also handed out food cards, gave flu shots and provided assistance obtaining state ID documents. Over 25 agencies, including other Maryland managed care organizations, were available to talk with attendees and assist with resources and services.

The Allegheny County HRDC is a non-profit Community Action Agency that works to eliminate social and economic barriers and promote individual and community stability through services, advocacy and collaboration.

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