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Chloe Schmidt

From Patient to Future Provider

Priority Partners Member Awarded ACAP Scholarship

A Priority Partners member is the recipient of this year’s $5,000 scholarship from the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP).

Every year, ACAP awards the scholarship to one member of a public health coverage program in the country. Chloe Schmidt is the first Priority Partners member to ever receive the scholarship.

“We are incredibly proud of Chloe and are honored to have been her health plan throughout her amazing life,” said Kathy Pettway, senior director of Priority Partners. “She is very deserving of this scholarship, and we know she will accomplish great things.”

The scholarship is awarded to students who are pursuing careers in health care and social services. For Chloe, enduring a childhood of health care services has set her on this path. A straight-A student finishing her senior year of high school, Chloe lost her leg due to an accident at age three. She turned this into a source of strength, perseverance, and gratitude. Her determination and grit have enabled her to face and conquer every challenge, including becoming a trained lifeguard: a difficult feat even for those without injuries.

“What drew me to the medical field was how people who worked with me viewed it,” said Chloe. “It wasn’t just medicine to them. It was forming a bond with each patient.”

Since her injury, Priority Partners has covered all of Chloe’s prosthetics, surgeries, doctor appointments, physical therapy appointments, and other medical care and equipment over the years. Chloe’s mother, Kari, describes the family’s experience with Priority Partners as “amazing.”

“None of our doctors have had any issues with Chloe’s insurance,” she said. “They have always had positive things to say about Priority Partners.”

Chloe recalls many positive experiences with medical professionals throughout her life. Chloe plans to use her training to offer others the same comfort and care shown to her, and the ACAP scholarship is welcome assistance.

“Any money to help me achieve my ambition, and use it in turn to help people – to give what I’ve been given – is huge,” said Chloe.

We congratulate Chloe on her scholarship and wish her all the best in her career journey. We have no doubt that she will become a wonderful addition to the medical field.

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