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Your New Member ID Card

All Priority Partners members are receiving a new member ID card. The new cards were sent by mail to all members in early August. Your new member ID card has a new look and includes information that is different from your old ID card. Here is what has changed on your new ID card:

  • You have a new member ID number
  • Your new ID card shows the name of your primary care doctor rather than the name of the provider facility, though you can still see any network provider at that facility
  • New claims submission information is included on the card for your provider’s use only, so this change does not affect your plan benefits or require any action on your part

When you get your new ID card, destroy your old card and keep only this new one. You will have a new member ID number, so it is very important that you show your new ID card at your next visits with each of your providers and pharmacies. They need to know your new member ID number so they can update the information in their systems and submit your claims correctly.

If you have not received your new ID card by Sept. 1, 2022, please call Customer Service at 800-654-9728 (TTY: 711).

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