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Understanding who to call when you’re not feeling well is key to getting the care you need as quickly as possible. Unless you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, start with your primary care doctor (PCP):

Your Primary Care Doctor

Your Primary Care doctor (PCP) is the first person you should call for non-emergency care. Go to your doctor for sprains and strains, minor cuts and burns, colds and coughs, fevers, rashes or minor swelling and for checkups and vaccinations.

Urgent Care Center

Need care quickly for a minor injury or illness? If you cannot see your PCP, try Johns Hopkins OnDemand Virtual Care for a
video visit, any time, no matter where you are.


Go to a hospital only if you are experiencing
an emergency or cannot get an appointment with
your PCP or an urgent care center.

Johns Hopkins Virtual Care

Need care quickly for a minor injury or illness? If you cannot
see your PCP, try Johns Hopkins OnDemand Virtual Care
for a video visit, any time, no matter where you are.

Go to the emergency room or call 911 if your life is in danger or there is
a chance for severe damage to your body. Some examples include poisoning or
drug overdose, trouble breathing, car accidents, bleeding or vomiting that can’t
be controlled, chest pain, broken bones or an allergic reaction.

We are proud to offer quick and convenient ways to get a lab test or screening. Two common facilities are listed below:


Visit and click “Find a Lab,” or call 888-522-2677.

Quest Diagnostics

Find a location near you or make an appointment online, or call 888-277-8772.

You have many choices when it comes to doctors, hospitals and health care centers. We have several health care partners that may be a good fit for you and your health. These health care centers co-own Priority Partners, allowing us to work closely with them for the best care experience for our members. We are the only Medicaid plan in Maryland with this type of partnership.

They have many different locations and meet the highest standards in quality care. Many of them have state of the art facilities and the latest equipment and medical technology. Some facilities include dental services and pharmacies to make your visits to the doctor simple and easy.

Our partnership is designed to offer you the best care possible, in an atmosphere that is welcoming and where you can feel at home.

As a member of Priority Partners we encourage you to select a “health care home” for you and your family members. This home will get to know you and guide your care. When you get sick or hurt, you have someone to lean on, who will be there when you need care.

Our pharmacy network includes most chain retailers and independent pharmacies within the state of Maryland. Registration is required the first time you search.

Understand your Pharmacy Benefits

Learn more about what is covered when you need medication.

Our vision care network includes over 50 locations in Maryland,
ensuring that you can access quality vision care near home.
Members receive one eye exam per year and one pair of glasses or
contact lenses every two years.

Understand Your Vision Benefits

Vision care is provided by Superior Vision. Contact them to learn more about your vision benefits:


Dental care for Priority Partner members is provided by the Maryland Healthy Smiles Dental Program.

In addition to our other providers throughout Maryland, Priority Partners has partnered with several federally qualified centers:

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