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Get an extra level of comfort and support during your pregnancy. We can guide you every step of the way with no-cost services and benefits.


There is so much to know and do when you are pregnant. Learn how to stay healthy during your pregnancy and give your child a healthy start. We will provide information on topics such as nutrition, breastfeeding, safe sleep and more.


Add a specialized birth worker to your care team at no cost. A doula can prepare you for child birth and be there to coach and support you before, during and after your delivery.

Online Classes

Learn from our Health Education team in a class setting. You will receive tips and information for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth and taking care of your newborn.

Group Support

Join a group class through CenteringPregnancy to share experiences with other birth parents like you.

One-on-One Support

If needed, a care manager will work with you and check-in on you during and after your pregnancy. We work with your health care providers, answer your questions and assist you with eating well, exercise and other personal health needs.

Home Visits

Home visits can make all the difference for pregnant members who live in communities where it is hard for them to get to a doctor. Get added care and support you need to support a healthy pregnancy and healthy child.

Support for Substance Use Disorder

If you are pregnant and have substance use disorder or have a history of substance use disorder, our Care Management team can support you to have a healthy pregnancy. If you have opioid use disorder or have a history of using opioids, the MOM program can help you get the care and services you need. Learn more and sign up.

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Contact us with questions or to get started with a program:

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Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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When you complete important appointments or screenings you are eligible for certain rewards.

Your child has access to a development specialist at certain doctor offices through the HealthySteps program. They can work with their doctor and attend their appointments. Plus, for special health needs, a care manager can provide specialized support.

Related Classes

Sign up for free virtual classes that help you and your family achieve your best health.

  • This two-part (1 hour each day) workshop teaches expecting and new parents about caregiving for a newborn(s) from birth to 6 months of age.
  • Join this workshop to learn more about feeding and bathing, changing diapers, safe sleeping, tips for when to call the doctor, self-care and overall well-being.
  • Discover additional resources on lactation and car seat safety.

Register for this free class:

If your baby is admitted to the NICU, we make sure that you understand their treatment and know what to do after they come home. We work with all of your child’s providers, help you use your benefits, give you educational materials, refer you to resources that can help you and arrange for in-home services or special equipment.

Success Story

Member Gets Help With Formula and Medication Dose

Imagine for a moment that your baby is born early and undersized. Your baby also needs extra formula and medicine. English is not your first language.

This was the experience for a Priority Partners member. The language gap made it hard for her to understand what she needed to do for her baby. Unknown to the mother, she was adding too much water to the formula. The child was not getting the right amount of nutrition. On top of that, the mother had been giving her baby an incorrect dose of medication.

With her baby in the NICU, Priority Partners sent a care manager to help the mother. The care manager showed the mother the right way to mix the formula and how to give the right dose of medicine. Today, her child is doing well, growing and thriving.

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