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The Priority Partners Community Health Advocate (CHA) program is designed to provide outreach services for our members at large, as well as local community residents.

The CHA program offers a variety of health-related educational classes for adults and children. They serve on collaborative health projects, participating in local health fairs and attending community events. Spanish-speaking CHAs are also available.

The Community Health Advocates live in or near your community and know the communities well. They have established contacts with neighborhood organizations and government agencies to interact on a grassroots level to bring important resources and health information to your area.

CHAs can provide support to help Priority Partners members with:

  • Getting a new Priority Partners ID card
  • Explaining health care benefits
  • Getting outreach or management services
  • Getting help with transportation
  • Completing re-enrollment forms
  • Changing their address
  • Finding a PCP
  • Joining the Consumer Advisory Board

Find Information on our CHA Program

For more information on the CHA program, to schedule a health presentation or request us to come to an event call:

Our CHAs will come to your church, school, health department, or other facility, in person or virtually, to deliver no-cost health presentations and resources to groups of five or more. The presentations are available in English and Spanish.

For more information or to schedule a health presentation, call 410-762-5284.

  • Allergies vs Viral Infections
  • Asthma 101
  • Budgeting 101
  • Childhood Essentials
  • Dealing with the Cold
  • Dental 101
  • Dental 101C (for children)
  • Diabetes 101
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental Health 101
  • Healthy Habits
  • Heart Health
  • Heroin and Opioid Abuse
  • Immunizations
  • Injuries

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Through community programs, you can work with people who understand your individual needs.

These include work training, safe housing, daycare and preschool, disaster relief, help paying for goods and services, and much more.

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