Health and Wellness Overview

Johns Hopkins HealthCare believes that taking charge of your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself!

Priority Partners members have the opportunity to participate in our wellness programs, including case management, health education and coaching, at no cost.

  • Care Management

    Members are placed in one of three levels and, depending on their level, are given a variety of support, tools and services that are specifically designed to help them better understand and manage their medical conditions.

  • Pregnancy Program

    Are you having a baby? Learn about our Partners With Mom Program here.

  • Health Coaching

    Priority Partners offers health coaching as part of the Partners With Mom program for qualified expectant moms. The Partners with Mom health coaches partners with mothers to help them recognize their own strengths and ability to change unhealthy lifestyle behaviors during and after pregnancy.

  • Health Education

    Priority Partners health educators offer a variety of programs to help identify risks that could be harmful to your health and learn ways to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.