About Vaccines and Immunizations

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Vaccines (vax-eens)
Immunizations (imm-you-niz-ay-shuns)

A vaccine is a type of medicine used to prevent serious diseases. They are usually given to you as a “shot”. When you get a vaccine, your body gets a very weak form of the disease. Your body fights and kills the disease and protects you from getting sick from it in the future.

There are many vaccines that you need to stay protected from serious diseases. Many of these diseases used to make people very sick, disabled, or caused death. Now that we have vaccines, many of these diseases are very rare. The only way to get rid of them completely is for everyone to get the vaccines they need.

It is important for babies and children to get their vaccines on time. Find out more about vaccines by using the links below.

Questions That Others Have About Vaccines

Important Ages for Vaccines