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What doctor visits are approved for transportation services?

Members can only use transportation services for these eligible medical appointments:

  • Confirmed, same-day urgent care visits with a primary care doctor
  • Visits to a specialist more than 30 miles away if there is not a provider close to your home
  • Primary care visit            
  • Prenatal exam
  • Postpartum visits between 7 and 84 days after giving birth
  • Adult or child SSI visits
  • Child lead screening
  • A1c screening
  • Diabetic eye exam
  • Diabetic Kidney Exam

If you need help scheduling one of the above appointments with transportation included, call Member Services at 800-654-9728 (TTY: 711).

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Priority Partners members whose medical care is impacted by the recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge are encouraged to call our Customer Service team for assistance at 800-654-9728.
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