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Priority Partners CHAs in Action

Priority Partners’ amazing Community Health Advocates (CHAs) are always active somewhere in our communities. On Jan. 5, CHA Iris Coley attended the weekly Community Wellness Market, which takes place at Morrell Park on Thursdays from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. The event is a great opportunity for community outreach, and our CHA was there to provide health and community resources, free clothing, food and even COVID-19 tests.

Another event, the Annual Allegany County School Readiness Fair, was attended by CHA Lisa Moran and drew over 500 people, including over 300 families. Hosted by the Allegheny County Public Schools Judy Center, the event took place on March 4 and focused on preregistration for Head Start, Pre-K, and Early Learning, so families were the primary attendees.

The event was ideal for engaging community members and families about health care benefits and stressing the importance of Medicaid redetermination, as once the Public Health Emergency ends on May 11, all Medicaid recipients will be required to once again renew their benefits or risk losing Medicaid health care coverage.

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Priority Partners members whose medical care is impacted by the recent collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge are encouraged to call our Customer Service team for assistance at 800-654-9728.
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