Summary of Benefits & Coverage

The Priority Partners HealthChoice plan includes coverage for the Medical Assistance For Families/Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP), a program for pregnant women and children.

As a Priority Partners HealthChoice member, your benefits include:

Pregnant women receive all of the benefits above, plus:

  • No- or low-cost childbirth classes

    • You will get reimbursed in part or in whole once the classes are over.
  • Access to pregnancy support

    • For members with a high-risk pregnancy
  • Outreach assistance

    • Locating OB physicians and keeping OB appointments

See our pregnancy page for more information on tips and services.


Member Documents

For more details on the benefits, download the summary of coverage and benefits . You can also download the Member Handbook.

*NOTE: Some procedures and services require a prior authorization. To see information details on prior authorization and other explanation of benefits, review our Outpatient Referral and Pre-Authorization Guidelines.

All documents are available in paper form without charge. To request a paper copy, please call Customer Service at 800-654-9728 (TTY for the hearing impaired: 888-232-0488).


Health Services Needs Information

Do you have health goals you want to achieve?

Are there challenges keeping you from your best health?

Priority Partners can help you. You can work with a care manager to help improve a health condition. You may even be able to get free rides to and from your doctor visits.

Find out how we can help you! Fill out a Health Services Needs Information form. Tell us about your health, and we’ll see what services may be able to help.