Summary of Benefits & Coverage

The Priority Partners HealthChoice plan includes coverage for the Medical Assistance For Families/Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP), a program for pregnant women and children.

As a Priority Partners HealthChoice member, your benefits include:

  • Medical visits with a primary care physician (PCP)

  • Dental services

    • Oral exam and cleaning twice per year
    • Limited x-rays
    • Simple and surgical extractions
  • Vision services

    • 1 eye exam per year
    • 1 pair of glasses or contact lenses every 2 years
  • Pharmacy coverage

  • Outreach services

    • Help with transportation or scheduling doctor appointments
    • Call 1-888-500-8786
  • Mental health and substance abuse services

    • Call 1-800-888-1965
  • Care Management services

    • For diabetics, pregnant women, and those with various other illnesses

Pregnant women receive all of the benefits above, plus:

  • No- or low-cost childbirth classes

    • You will get reimbursed in part or in whole once the classes are over.
  • Access to the program “Partners with Mom”

    • For members with a high-risk pregnancy
  • Outreach assistance

    • Locating OB physicians and keeping OB appointments

See our pregnancy page for more information on tips and services.

For details on the benefits above, download a PDF of our summary of coverage and benefits . You can also download a PDF of the Members Handbook.

*NOTE: Some procedures and services require a prior authorization. To see information details on prior authorization and other explanation of benefits, review our Outpatient Referral and Pre-Authorization Guidelines.

All documents are available in paper form without charge. To request a paper copy, please call Customer Service at 1-800-654-9728 (TTY for the hearing impaired: 1-888-232-0488).