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Dr. Everett poses with Chef Giacomo outside our Priority_Partners tent and Table at the Kunta Kinte Festival

Healthy Hacks Adds Flavor to Kunte Kinte Heritage Festival

Priority Partners’ Healthy Hacks gave a crowd-pleasing cooking demonstration at the annual Kunte Kinte Heritage Festival in Annapolis on Oct. 28. The festival had been postponed because of bad weather, but with sunny skies all day, hundreds of visitors and families came to enjoy music, food, culture and crafts.

Priority Partners presented the cooking demo and provided visitors with health resources and Medicaid renewal support. Part of the Priority Partners Cupboards Project, the Healthy Hacks program provides free, live cooking demonstrations to show people how they can cook easy, healthy AND affordable meals.

Chef Giacomo Scuito of Giacomo’s Brick Oven Pizza gave an exciting and educational cooking demonstration. A Montgomery County history teacher, Chef Scuito prepared a delicious dish called “Egg Roll in a Bowl” for guests to try. He also served up lots of easy-to-follow tricks and tips on how to prepare simple, healthy meals.

Following the demo, visitors received a recipe card so they could make the Egg Roll in a Bowl dish themselves at home. Attendees could also drop by the Priority Partners table to talk with health plan representatives, receive free blood pressure checks and health resources and get help with help with Medicaid renewal.

Visit the Priority Partners Upcoming Events page to learn about more exciting events.

Chef Giacomo preparing for a cooking demonstration in front of sitting guests under our table tent. At the Kunta Kinte Festival
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